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X-Terra Commercial Cleaning can provide a custom cleaning program that is tailored to suit your building or facility whether you require industrial cleaning or commercial cleaning, we can help.

Commercial and Industrial Cleaning

A tailored cleaning plan can be based on the needs and budget of your office. We will ensure that your facilities and daily working environment is clean, free and sanitized for your workday to start right.

Post Construction Cleaning


We can take care of all your post construction cleaning needs with our highly trained staff.

Disinfecting & Sanitizing

Confident female medical assistant standing in operating room

We provide industry-leading commercial sanitizing and preventive disinfecting services.

Green Cleaning


We use the CleanGreen program as a cost effective and environmentally responsible solution for our customers.

Commercial and Industrial Cleaning

Having a clean office space or company is more important than most realize. It has an impact on your perception, operations, and your ability to run your business. However, finding time to get all the cleaning done can be a challenge. It can often be one of the thing that gets overlooked when employer operates have multiple things to handle. Rather than worrying about finding time to get the cleaning done, why not hire a professional and experience X-Terra commercial cleaning services company to handle it for you! We’ll handle all your cleaning needs so you can focus on running your business.


Post Construction Cleaning

We can take care of all your post construction cleaning needs with our highly trained staff.

We are a leader in post construction cleaning services with several years of experience working with major contractors and developers.

In the construction industry, the quality of your work is critical to the safety and happiness of your client. But no matter how beautifully designed or built your new project is, the dust and debris left over from construction can cause a bad first impression.

X-Terra offers a variety of construction cleaning services and general commercial cleaning services to meet your jobs unique needs. You put in the hard work to bring your project to life, so let our team make the final steps as easy as possible.

No project is too big or too small for us. Our staff are happy to help you chose from a range of exemplary services.

A construction contractor will assign us to not only do a general cleaning of debris, but we specialize in detailed cleaning.

Our staff are certified and trained for every need and occasion.

Disinfecting and Sanitizing

We provide industry-leading commercial sanitizing and preventive disinfecting services.

Our specialists offer you an efficient solution based on your requirements and our high quality standards. Each employee of our company has the necessary skills and knowledge to make your space clean and safe even in the current unfavorable epidemiological situation.

We have a modern approach with great cleaning products and high-tech equipment combined to give excellent results. To fight epidemics, use regular preventive measures that reduce the spread of viruses and pathogens.

We only use safe, child- and pet-friendly cleaning products that are approved for all spaces and surfaces.

Disinfecting of office to prevent COVID-19, Man in protective hazmat suit with spray chemicals.

Cleaning removes bacteria, dirt and odors, sanitizing reduces and kills the amount of bacteria, and disinfecting kills the majority of viruses and harmful bacteria.

Green Cleaning

We use green cleaning products that are safe for humans and the environment, but are also effective. Our team is proud to propose an effective and ecologically safe alternative to traditional cleaning keeping an outstanding cleaning result.

Green Cleaning Solution Advantages

To create a safe environment for workers and their clients, use our green cleaning services. Chemical ingredients in common aggressive detergents can trigger headaches or allergies. Eco-friendly cleaning can eliminate these health risks.

The decision to leave fewer human footprints in nature affects every area of your life, including cleaning methods. Our team provides top-notch cleaning services with a focus on protecting the environment.

We offer you the optimal balance between protecting the environment and keeping your space safe and pristine. To achieve the best cleaning results and maintain safe indoor conditions our professional cleaners use special detergents.

Eco-cleaning is a great solution when you want to keep your customers and employees safe from viruses and harsh chemicals. Our specialists pay attention to your wishes and offer an individual cleaning plan that will be the best option which don’t contain toxins, chemicals that are suspected asthma and allergy triggers, ammonia, carcinogens.

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