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Having a clean office space or company is more important than most realize. It has an impact on your perception, operations, and your ability to run your business. However, finding time to get all the cleaning done can be a challenge. Itís often one of the things that get overlooked when things get busy. Rather than worrying about finding time to get the cleaning done, why not hire a professional and experience Red Deer cleaning services company to handle it for you? Weíll handle all your cleaning needs so you can focus on running your business.


Why Consider Cleaning Services For Your Business


Smart business owners outsource areas of their business that they are not expert with, and cleaning falls directly into this category. We know that cleaning is probably not your favorite thing to do and itís also something that will take up time from your employees Ė which they could otherwise be spending time doing more productive tasks. Here are some other great reasons to consider hiring a cleaning services company for your business:


  • It will help you make a great first impression on your customers, visitors, and business partners
  • Its more affordable than you think
  • We can customize our services to meet your needs and work around your hours of operation
  • It ensures your business puts forward an image of a clean and organized company
  • It allows you and your employees to focus on business and not get distracted with other non-productive tasks such as cleaning


These are only some of the many great reasons to consider hiring a company for cleaning services in Red Deer. If you want to learn more about why you should hire a cleaning company, please feel free to contact us anytime. Thatís what we are here for!


About Our Cleaning Company


At X-Terra Commercial Cleaning LTD, we have built our reputation on the philosophy and motivation to provide Red Deer with quality cleaning services at affordable rates. We have been addressing the Red Deer cleaning services needs of Red Deer for years and our business is built on our commitment to providing customer service excellence.


We provide Red Deer Cleaning services and we have everything we need to clean your premises including our own cleaning solutions and equipment. If you prefer, we will use your favourite cleaning products and personal vacuum and mop Ė just let us know and we will accommodate your preferences. We are open to helping you with you cleaning in any way that makes sense for your business needs.


We Work With All Types of Companies


One of the things that make our company an attractive option for Red Deer cleaning services is that we cater our services to meet the needs of virtually any type of business. We do industrial, warehouse, retail, office, medical building, and shopping centre cleaning, just to name a few. If you own a business, we can help you with our cleaning needs.


Custom Cleaning Programs


We understand that every company has unique cleaning requirements. Whether you have an office building, run a small business, or operate a commercial company, we are happy to design a custom cleaning program that can include maintenance programs, carpet care, window cleaning, floor waxing and so much more.


When you hire us you can could on us only using state of the art cleaning equipment and supplies. We also use green cleaning products that have a minimal effect on the environment. It is their combination of considerations that makes us your best option. We can make your business look its best and even increase the overall value of your business and improve your company reputation with your colleagues, business partners, and most importantly, with your customers.


Industry Leading Cleaning Services


As part of our custom cleaning programs for businesses in Red Deer, we offer a long list of services, including the following:


  • Green Cleaning
  • Customized Carpet Care Programs
  • State of the Art Products and Equipment
  • Specialty Services
  • Strip, Seal and Waxing of Floors
  • Window Cleaning


Have a specific cleaning request? No problem! Just let us know what it is and we will do our best to accommodate your specific needs. Anything we can do to make sure you are completely satisfied and have your cleaning needs met.


10 Reason Why We Are A Leader in the Cleaning Industry


While anyone can say they are an industry leader, we can actually back up these claims with a list 10 reasons why we are the company to call when you need Red Deer cleaning services. Call us because:


  1. We have more than a decade of experience in the cleaning industry
  2. We specialize in office and commercial cleaning services
  3. We will exceed your expectations Ė guaranteed!
  4. We are customer service specialists
  5. Detailed and meticulous cleaning at all times
  6. Dedicated, punctual and reliable
  7. Attentive to all your needs
  8. We are fully insured and bonded
  9. We use the CleanGreen program as a cost effective and environmentally responsible solution for our customers
  10. We use cleaning products that are Green Seal and EcoLogo Certified


If you want to learn more about our services, our company, or how we can help you with your cleaning needs, donít hesitate to contact us. We are happy to set up a consultation and discuss your cleaning needs.


Get A Free Quote for Cleaning Services


If you are looking for more information about Red Deer cleaning services, please feel free to contact us anytime to learn more about how we can help you with your cleaning needs and to get a hassle free quote for a custom cleaning package. We are happy to set up a consultation to discuss your cleaning service options for your businesses unique cleaning needs. We look forward to having you as a customer.


Learn more about our industry leading cleaning services in Red Deer by visiting us again at or by calling us anytime at (403) 358-9905

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